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If you have been a skateboarder during the 90s, you had no chance to get past Shorty’s. The hardware brand from California has shaped the scene and has an iconic status today. Shorty’s hardware as well as streetwear from Shorty’s is celebrated by skateboarders all over the world and convinces due to good looks and high quality.

For more than 25 years Shorty’s hardware is known for its best quality and endurance. But beside useful Shorty’s Hardware bolt packs, Shorty’s also brings you a nice range of streetwear. Especially a Shorty’s t-shirt or a hoodie from Shorty’s with the iconic Shorty’s OG logo should be found in everyone’s wardrobe.

But Shorty’s hardware was and still is the main business of the brand. Thus, they provide your deck, trucks, and wheels with all necessary equipment like nuts, bolts, bushings, bearings or grip tape. For that purpose, Shorty’s Hardware has founded several side brands like Black Panther's Bearings, Doh Doh's bushings and Black Magic griptape. Shorty’s got everything you need to tighten everything up when it comes to skateboarding! Shop Shorty’s hardware and streetwear easily online at the skatedeluxe skate shop.

As street skateboarding became more popular, the need for riser pads decreased and people needed shorter bolts for the new kind of setup at the time. In 1991, Tony Buyalos and his girlfriend April Hamrick saw the opportunity and founded a brand that already answered the demands for short bolts with the name: Shorty’s Hardware.

Five years later, Shorty’s entered the skateboard deck market. Today the infamous Shorty’s Muska deck is a real cult object treated as a collector’s item by many. Despite the great and well-acclaimed Shorty's skateboard team, four successful videos and high popularity in the scene, they decided to discontinue the deck production in 2006 to focus entirely on Shorty's hardware. But thanks to the latest Shorty's streetwear such as T-shirts, long sleeves and hoodies, you can live the good old days with the Shorty's OG logo T-shirt or the S-HORTY-S Hoodie.

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