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krom kendama

KROM Kendama was born to fulfill the vision of producing the highest quality of kendamas in the world while keeping it funky and relatable, striving to make kendama the biggest secondary sport in the world. Since the beginning of the company, we’ve worked on spreading kendama on a global scale. The rise and growth of the kendama community has allowed KROM to spread, and the team to travel the entire world.

In 2010 KROM was founded by 2014 freestyle kendama world champion Thorkild May in hopes of igniting the kendama love wherever possible. Since then we’ve worked hard to develop the kendama culture worldwide from the KROM HQ & Shop in Copenhagen.

From the KROM Shop, we host a weekly kendama club and work to support similar initiatives like kendama clubs in Colorado and Latvia. We also sponsor a large number of events every year with prizes and pro players and host events ourselves, like the 2019 European Kendama Championships.

As kendama was developing across the world, KROM naturally grew with it and the ideas of creating our own kendamas and becoming more involved in the community couldn’t be kept down. In the latter half of 2012 KROM Kendama went from mainly being a crew of homies playing and distributing kendamas to starting the learning process of creating the best possible kendamas out there. Leading up DAMAFEST 2013, the North American kendama championships, KROM started to pick up steam with the recognition of the clean dama designs and crazy tricks. Thorkild May and teammate Mathias Rasmussen ended up winning the American Freestyle Championships, laying down what has become a staple of the KROM image: the signature Danish flow and the recognizably funky kendamas.

Since then KROM has developed and grown even further, we’re constantly striving to represent the kendama community in the best way possible, and of course to provide the best possible products to all the supporters in across the globe. With every new kendama, we’re determined to improve both the playability and the design. For these purposes and more, we’ve gathered the most winning team in the world, composed of internationally acclaimed players with several World and European championship titles, as well as a lot of homies to help us reach our goals.

We’re grateful to be able to take kendama to new heights through our work and we look forward to seeing where kendama takes us next. We’ll keep working to bring the joy of kendama to new people every single day. Kendama is unique in its ability to improve your cognitive functions and your hand-eye coordination while connecting people everywhere, even across language barriers, making us able to communicate all over the world. Kendama provides something real and tangible in a time where things are becoming more abstract than ever before.

We love the toy that lets us step away from an increasingly digital world, allowing us to refresh and reconnect with the people around us. We hope that you can feel our passion and affection through the products we create.

All the best,
The KROM fam